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We are looking for an outstanding candidate, who must be of Chinese national, to pursue a 4-year PhD under joint supervision by Dr Sze Chai Kwok at East China Normal University and Professor Emiliano Macaluso at University of Lyon via the CSC programme.

The Virtual Memories Project

In the framework of the CSC PhD program we propose a joint research project between the group of Dr Sze Chai Kwok in Shanghai and the group of Prof Emiliano Macaluso in Lyon. The project will target mechanisms of episodic memory retrieval in life-like conditions. Extensive investigation of memory functions in humans highlighted the role of medial temporal regions and of the prefrontal cortex. However the vast majority of the previous studies considered only simple stimuli (like lists of words) that fail to capture the complex organisation of episodes in  daily life. Here we propose to bridge this gap by using realistic virtual environments to investigate how the brain represents and retrieves information about the “when” of interrelated, life-like episodes. The research methodology will include advanced functional imaging methods (effective connectivity and multivariate analyses), as well as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. Together with a major interest in cognitive neuroscience and command of English, the applicant must have good informatics skills. 

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The Chinese Scholarship Council PhD program at University Claude Bernard Lyon (France)

The CSC program offers the opportunity to outstanding Chinese students to follow a joint PhD program between China and France. The successful candidate will spend 2 years in a Chinese Lab and 2 years in a French Lab. During the 2 years in France the candidate will receive a bursary of 1.200 Euros per month. To apply for this joint program the student must be already in his second year of PhD in China. The French Lab must evaluate the CV of candidate before the 20th of March.

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