Regular Lab meeting format, see agenda here:

1. Journal clubs paper of choice, presenting the core questions, methods, results, and discoveries of the paper, aiming to generate discussions and getting insights into our research programme (see link).

2. Roundtable updates each gets 58 minutes to update the Lab of latest progress, status, challenges, and so on (see link).

3. Project updates presenting latest analysis, results; receiving feedback.

4. New study presentation presenting plans for new studies before launching it; receivingfeedback, which most often will help revamp the design and lead to substantial improvements. External guests could be invited.

5. Tutorials/workshops designed to walk the Lab through a specific technique, ways of preprocessing data and/or analyses. Examples include eyemovement data preprocessing, spike sorting procedure, fMRI preprocessing, and so on.

6. Chalk talks It’s the members’ opportunity to describe his/her proposed research program. It could be in the format of “a sales pitch, a teaching demonstration, a barrage of questions, and a description of a future research program.” The aim is to stimulate brainstorming and increase collective creativity, but more specifically they are aimed to help members in question to formulate and consolidate ideas more formally for his/her future grant submissions and faculty job applications. (note: the word ‘chalk’ refers to the ancient ways of using chalk on blackboard
(nowadays white board and pen) instead of using PowerPoint; a useful reference could be found here:

Additional meetings:
7. Guest speaker seminars regularly we will host external guests and/or collaborators to deliver research seminars. They are often educational for our members and at times instrumental to generating fruitful collaborations.

Drafted 24 February 2023